Robyn Eve, or Clownie if you're that way-inclined, is an illustrator and character artist from South Wales. With an affinity for the mysterious and the dark, Clownie finds deep inspiration in horror and the unknown. Whether it be a piece based around her favourite characters from pop-culture, or an original character design; you can guarantee that Clownie will embrace all subject matters with a fresh, unique style.

When not focused on fictional endeavours, Clownie also has a dab hand at creating portraiture with exquisite likeness and character. Whether it be a realistic likeness of a loved one, or a caricature spread sheet embodying an idiosyncratic take; Clownie can create exactly what your heart desires. 

Consistently open for commissions, Clownie is welcoming of all subject matters, and willing to work with anyone and everyone to bring their ideas and wants to life.